Why in Italian

Why you should translate into Italian

Are you still unsure whether or not to translate your documentation or website into Italian?

Here is a list of good reasons to help you make the right decision.

  •  Not everybody knows this but Italian comes SECOND in Europe* in terms of the number of native speakers (16%), after German (24%) and ahead of French and English. In terms of total number of speakers (native and non-native speakers) it comes in fourth place (18%).
  • There are around 70 million native Italian speakers in the world as well as a further 131 million who speak it as their second language.
  • Italy is one of the most advanced countries in the world with a multifaceted prosperous economy.
  • There are about 22 million Italians online and this number is rising steadily with the mass adoption of smartphones and tablets.
  • At least 13 million Italians purchase online.
  • Italy, and my own city Milan in particular, is set to host EXPO 2015. So far 130 countries have signed up for this critical and ambitious event.

*“Eurobarometer”  of the European Commission 2012